A combination of classes designed to get the comedy out of your brain and into the world.

If you've always wanted to try stand-up or improvisational comedy and didn't know where to start -- this is the place. Zanies Comedy Club and Rik Roberts have pooled resources and formed the "School of Laughs."

These courses are designed to create funnier people. People who want to explore the possibilities of comedy without the pressure. These courses are fun, informative and insightful. Many of the graduates have gone on to "win" their first open mike contest. Others have made enough money in their first year to more than pay for the classes.

We cover stand-up writing and performance, intro level improvisational comedy and the Business of Comedy.

Join in the fun and become a more interesting person! Let's take your comedy FROM THE PAGE TO THE STAGE!

Rik Roberts
Principal & Janitor
School of Laughs

Improv Comedy Level One: Games
Learn the keys to basic Improvisational Comedy. If you've watched "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and wondered if you could be as sharp as the cast ... come find out! This class is pure fun and will tap your hidden genius to find the hilarious you! Onstage ensemble workshops will help you "Get out of your Head" and into the moment. Learn how to generate creative thinking you can apply to auditions, interviews, speeches and Stand-Up Comedy. This is a workout for your brain and a release for your body. A great class to take with a friend! (4) Classes / $200

Stand-UP Comedy Level One: Writing
This class is designed to help you begin writing material, or take material you already have and making it much funnier. This class is focused on writing and is strongly recommended for beginners and those who have attended open stages, but not developed the material as far as they know it can go. We'll discuss and define YOUR style of humor. YOU will write material that can be honed into a building block in YOUR comedy act. Learn how to develop an "EYE" for comedy. Past students have gone directly from the class to successful appearances at stand-up nights around town. Many are now perfroming regionally for real money! (4) Classes $200

Stand-UP Comedy Level Two: Performing
This class is for those who have a little material and want to work on style, delivery and performance. Also great for those who have a fear of public speaking. Onstage workshops get YOU in front of the microphone and under the spotlight. YOU will learn how to memorize YOUR act, hit the stage with confidence, read a crowd and structure YOUR show. Fee includes a DVD of either your final workshop performance or your graduation set at Zanies. Whichever one you choose will be critiqued to get the most out of your future performances. Students who have taken the writing course have priority when signing up for the performance course. (4) Classes / $200

Class Dates and Times vary. Please visit for the most up to date information.

Contact Rik Roberts at 615.293.3629 or 1.888.895.8549 for more information and to enroll, or e-mail Rik Roberts at